Top 10 Places to Visit in Nepal to Celebrate New Year

Nepal is a beautiful place to visit all the year round. Nepal is one of the best places to spend new years in Asia. Nepal has got 100s of the best place to go for New year in Asia. There are many places for the New year celebration in Nepal where you can visit and have a good time. There are places for New year celebration in Nepal that are naturally beautiful, some have cultural and traditional importance and some others have historical importance. So, this post gives you some of the best places to visit during the new year in Nepal (South Asia).  So, there are various places for New year celebration in Nepal that you can visit.
But, few of these places for New year celebration in Nepal are even more beautiful when it is the New Year’s Day. Nepalis celebrate New Years with a lot of enthusiasm. There are various programs that are organized to celebrate this occasion of the beginning of the new year. I guarantee you there are 100s of the best place to spend new year in Nepal (South Asia). So, as a visitor, you would find that Nepal is a beautiful and happy destination to visit during New Year’s Eve and the new years day.

Reasons why we visit tourist places while celebrating New year

The new year is the time for the new beginnings of hopes, opportunities, chances, love, friendship, loyalty, and family. This is the time when you leave behind your past, regrets, fears, tragedies, miseries, pain, sufferings and disappointments. All in all, the new year is a new start so this is the major reason why people visit new tourist places and spend some money and time to celebrate New year. However, the reasons can also be categorized like below: